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Vaughan, R., Turner, S.D. & Rose, N.L. (2017) Microplastics in the sediments of a UK urban lake. Environmental Pollution 229: 10-18.
Goldsmith, B. (2017) Wandsworth Lakes: Annual report on lake monitoring and management. ECRC Research Report 183.
Bharadwaj, B. & Brierley, C. (2017) Ratcheting up ambition on climate policy. ECRC Research Report 182.
Georgeson, L. & Maslin, M. (2017) Distribution of climate suitability for viticulture in the United Kingdom in 2100. ECRC Research Report 177.
Yang, H., Turner, S. & Rose, N (2016) Mercury pollution in the lake sediments and catchment soils of anthropogenically-distributed sites across England. Environmental Pollution 219: 1092-1101. doi logo
Velle, G., Mahlum, S., Monteith, D.T., de Wit, H., Arle, J., Eriksson, L., Fjellheim, A., Frolova, M., Fölster, J., Grudule, N., Halvorsen, G.A., Hildrew, A., Hruska, J., Indriksone, I., Kamasová, L., Kopácek, J., Krám, P., Orton, S., Senoo, T., Shilland, E.M., Stuchlík, E., Telford, R.J., Ungermanova, L., Wiklund, M.L. & Wright, R.F. (2016) Biodiversity of macro-invertebrates in acid-sensitive waters: trends and relations to water chemistry and climate. ICP Waters Report 127/2016.
Gray, C., Hildrew, A.G., Lu, X., Ma, A., McElroy, D., Monteith, D.T., O'Gorman, E., Shilland, E.M. & Woodward, G. (2016) Chapter Ten - Recovery and Nonrecovery of Freshwater Food Webs from the Effects of Acidification. In Advances in Ecological Research. Volume 55. Large-Scale Ecology: Model Systems to Global Perspectives by Dumbrell, A.J. Academic Press. doi logo
Rose, N.L., Turner, S.D., Goldsmith, B., Gosling, L. & Davidson, T.A. (2016) Quality control in public participation assessments of water quality: the OPAL Water Survey. BMC Ecology 16: 1-23. doi logo
Yin, R., Feng, X., Hurley, J.P., Krabbenhoft, D.P., Lepak, R.F., Kang, S., Yang, H. & Li, X. (2016) Historical Records of Mercury Stable Isotopes in Sediments of Tibetan Lakes. Scientific Reports 6: 23332-0. doi logo
Macphail, R.I., Graham, E., Crowther, J. & Turner, S. (2016) Marco Gonzalez, Ambergris Caye, Belize: A geoarchaeological record of ground raising associated with surface soil formation and the presence of a Dark Earth. Journal of Archaeological Science 0: 1-17. doi logo
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