UCL's Environmental Change Research Centre

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The Environmental Change Research Centre (ECRC), directed by Jonathan Holmes, is one of UCL's many inter-disciplinary research centres.

Our work is concerned primarily with climatic and environmental change on a range of time scales, past, present and future.

Latest ECRC Publications

Vaughan, R. et al. Microplastics in the sediments of a UK urban lake. Environmental Pollution.
Goldsmith, B. Wandsworth Lakes: Annual report on lake monitoring and management .
Bharadwaj, B. & Brierley, C. Ratcheting up ambition on climate policy.
Georgeson, L. & Maslin, M. Distribution of climate suitability for viticulture in the United Kingdom in 2100.
Velle, G. et al. Biodiversity of macro-invertebrates in acid-sensitive waters: trends and relations to water chemistry and climate.