Journal of Paleolimnology special issue on Reference states and lake restoration

A special issue of Journal of Paleolimnology on "Reference states and lake restoration: the role of palaeolimnology" has been published in volume 45 (No 4) - April 2011, guest edited by Helen Bennion and Rick Battarbee of the ECRC.

This Special Issue was produced as an output from the EU Integrated Project Euro-limpacs which aimed to evaluate the impacts of global change on European freshwater ecosystems using a combination of approaches, including monitoring, experiments, modelling and palaeolimnology. The 10 papers focus on the last of these approaches. They examine the role of lake sediment records in determining reference conditions for a range of environmental pressures including acidification, eutrophication, metal pollution, organic carbon and sediment accumulation rates.

The findings are especially relevant to the European Union’s Water Framework Directive which requires an assessment of lake ecological status based on deviation from reference conditions. The contributions consider a range of issues relating to the use of palaeolimnological data in defining reference conditions and lake status including human versus natural variability, concepts of pristine and reference conditions, shifting baselines, and quantification of degree of change.

The papers can be downloaded from the JOPL website and links to the individual publications can be found in  the ECRC's Publications listing.