Shallow Lake Ecosystem Change Special Issue

Freshwater Biology publishes a series of papers by Dr Carl Sayer, Dr Tom Davidson, members of the ECRC and colleagues from other institutions on understanding shallow lake ecosystems through contemporary ecology and palaeolimnology.

The full list of papers in the special issue is presented below and access to the papers themselves can be found on the Freshwater Biology website and the ECRC Publications List:

Sayer C.D., Davidson T.A., Jones, J.I. & Langdon, P. (2010) Combining contemporary ecology and palaeolimnology to understand shallow lake ecosystem change. Freshwater Biology 55: 487-499.

Sayer C.D., Davidson T.A. & Jones J.I. (2010) Seasonal dynamics of macrophytes and phytoplankton biomass in 39 shallow lakes: a eutrophication-driven pathway from plants to plankton? Freshwater Biology 55: 500-513.

Beresford A.L. & Jones, I.J. (2010) Weedbeds and big bugs: the importance of scale in detecting the influence of nutrients and predation on macroinvertebrates in plant-dominated shallow lakes. Freshwater Biology 55: 514-530.

Langdon P.G., Sayer C.D., Ruiz Z., Wynne S. & Davidson T.A. (2010) Ecological influences on larval chironomid communities in shallow lakes: implications for palaeolimnological interpretations. Freshwater Biology 55: 531-545.

Davidson T.A., Sayer C.D., Perrow M., Bramm M. & Jeppesen E. (2010) The simultaneous inference of zooplanktivorous fish and macrophyte density from sub-fossil cladoceran assemblages: A multivariate regression tree approach. Freshwater Biology 55: 546-564.

Sayer C.D., Burgess A., Kari K., Peglar S., Davidson T.A., Yang H. & Rose N. (2010) Long-term dynamics of submerged macrophytes and algae in a small and shallow, eutrophic lake: implications for the stability of the macrophyte-dominance. Freshwater Biology 55: 565-583.

Davidson T.A., Sayer C.D., Langdon P.G., Burgess A. & Jackson M. (2010) Inferring past zooplanktivorous fish and macrophyte density: application of a new regression tree model. Freshwater Biology 55: 584-599.

Rawcliffe R., Sayer C.D., Woodward G., Grey J., Davidson T.A. & Jones J.I. (2010) Back to the future: using palaeolimnology to infer long-term changes in shallow lake food webs. Freshwater Biology 55: 600-613.