Loch Leven

Helen, Carl and Jorge will be attending a one day meeting at Kinross on 11th December to celebrate "Loch Leven: 40 years of scientific research" organised by Centre for Ecology & Hydrology (CEH). 

The main theme of the symposium is the role of long term monitoring in developing our understanding of the links between pollution, climate change and ecological responses in shallow lakes. The program will highlight a wide range of integrated scientific, policy and management experiences that are relevant to the management and restoration of other impacted shallow lakes. The meeting will be attended by a wide range of scientists, managers, conservationists, regulatory authorities and other stakeholders. Papers from the meeting will be published in the journal Hydrobiologia and as a special volume in the series 'Developments in Hydrobiology'. These publications will be dedicated to the memory of Dr Tony Bailey-Watts in recognition of his long term commitment to research at Loch Leven.