New Renberg Corer

The new Renberg corer has arrived complete with its extruding rig, 3 tubes and two wire core 'ropes'.

UCL Friends Barcoding Award

ECRC has been awarded £1500 by UCL Friends for barcoding. The money will be used to buy barcoding equipment and pilot the scheme on Euro-limpacs and ISOMAP-UK samples.

'Royal' trout high in pollutants

The media reports on an article published in Environmental Science and Technology. Levels of polybromodiphenyl ethers (PBDEs) in Lochnagar were almost ten times higher than in other high mountain lakes. The work was a result from the MOLAR project.

Contact Dr Neil Rose for further information.

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FP6 success for UCL

Dr Ilse Vickers talks to UCL News about UCL's success in the European Union Framework 6 program awards and in particular the award for Euro-limpacs -  an Integrated Project with 37 partners in 17 countries and a budget of €12.5 million being co-ordinated by the Environmental Change Research Centre.

Contact Dr Simon Patrick for further information. 

UCL and China

An article in UCL News highlights the relationships we have with China. Dr Jonathan Holmes talks about the links between UCL’s Environmental Change Research Centre (ECRC) and the Department of Geography at Lanzhou University, Western China.

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Studying Uganda’s shrinking snowcaps

As part of its ongoing centenary celebrations, UCL’s Department of Geography has led an expedition to the Ruwenzori mountains in Uganda to examine the impact of climate change. Dr Neil Rose took part in the fieldwork which was led by Geography's Dr Richard Taylor.

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Hydrate Gun hypothesis under attack

Mark Maslin
disputes the "hydrate gun hypothesis" which states that bursts of methane from deep-sea reservoirs jolted the planet out of the last ice age.


ECRC Report (1991 - 2001)

The ECRC's 10 Year Report describes our activities and achievements over the last ten years including a summary of our research projects, training courses and our involvement with the wider environmental change research community.