Climate Change and Aquatic Ecosystems in the UK

The proceedings from a one day meeting ‘Climate Change and Aquatic Ecosystems in the UK: science policy and management’ held at the Environmental Change Research Centre, University College London, Wednesday 16th May, 2007 have now been published. 

Former ECRC graduate students awarded NERC postdocs

Jon Tyler and George Swann, both former ECRC graduate students, have been awarded prestigious NERC postdoctoral research fellowships. 

ECRC Minibus

A few things people might find useful about the new van. 

ECRC member helps with disaster relief in Burma

Mike Hughes has flown to Thailand to assist the UN with their humanitarian operations in Myanmar (Burma) after Cyclone Nargis struck the south of the country. Mike is a volunteer for MapAction, which is an NGO that creates and distributes maps in disaster regions, thus helping to coordinate relief efforts. 

ECRC postgraduates recieve grants to support their PhDs

Congratulations to Xuhui Dong, Katy Wilson and Jorge Salgado who have all received grants to cover PhD fieldwork.  

Position paper on importance of diatom taxonomy

Rick Battarbee last week gave evidence at the House of Lords Select Committee on Science and Technology. The committee is currently conducting an enquiry on the state of Systematics and Taxonomy in the UK.

Prof Rick Battarbee gives evidence to House of Lords Select Committee

Rick Battarbee gave evidence at the House of Lords Select Committee on
Science and Technology in March 2008.  The committee is currently
conducting an enquiry on the state of Systematics and Taxonomy in the

ENSIS gifts £100,000 to UCL to support ECRC research

The funds will be used to support research staff
salaries and Masters teaching, to provide bursaries and scholarships for PhD students and to buy equipment. The gift
brings the total amount gifted by ENSIS to UCL over the last seven years to
more than £800,000, making ENSIS one of UCL's major benefactors.

Browner waters are more natural

A report by Don Monteith and others, published in Nature, shows that a recent increase in dissolved organic carbon in rivers and lakes in northern Europe and North America represents a return to a more natural pre-industrialised state and is not linked to global warming. 

A review of Neil Rose's book on Lochnagar

A review of Neil Rose's book on Lochnagar has appeared in "Science of Total Environment" by John Farmer. In a very favourable review he picks out the conclusion of the book as being especially important.  The review can be read in full here.  

Climate swings shaped human evolution

Mark Maslin and others have published a paper in the Journal of Human Evolution which shows that the evolution of our earliest human ancestors was driven by fluctuations in eastern Africa's ancient climate.

Top Prize in New Scientist essay competition

Congratulations to ECRC PhD student Angela Self who has scooped first prize in the 2007 Wellcome Trust and New Scientist essay competition.

Dr. George Swann

Many congratulations to George Swann who successfully defended his PhD thesis on Thursday 27th September.

Dr. Jonathan Tyler

Congratulations to Jonathan Tyler, who successfully defended his PhD on Wednesday 5th September.

Fieldwork Award

Congratulations to Dr. Viv Jones who has been successful in obtaining money for fieldwork in Chile in January 2008 from the UCL Abbey Research and Collaboration Awards. She will be collaborating with Dr Roberto Urrutia Perez from the University of Conception and will be coring lakes in Northern Patagonia.

For more information on Dr. Jones and her work please click here

Professor John Birks

Congratulations to our Visiting Professor John Birks who is the sixth most highly cited scientist in Geosciences (1996-2007). 

NERC-NIGF grants

The ECRC has recently secured funding from the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) Isotope Geosciences Facilities Steering Committee for two projects.  

Promotion to Reader

Congratulations to Dr. Anson Mackay on his recent promotion to Reader. Anson's research is focused on reconstructing environmental change,
especially in continental Eurasia (Lake Baikal and the Aral Sea) and
more recently in tropical and southern Africa. For further information,
please click here


The latest PAGES Newsletter (April 2007) is now out and contains details of the new  Focus 4 PHAROS programme (Past Human Climate Ecosystem Interactions) led by John Dearing and Rick Battarbee. 

Climate Change and Aquatic Ecosystems in the UK

UCL hosted a one-day meeting on 'Climate Change and Aquatic Ecosystems in the UK: Science Policy and Management' on Wednesday 16th May, 2007. 

The meeting was sponsored by the Environment Agency, FBA and the European Commission. Aims of the meeting included: 

(i) Review  progress in modelling climate change and freshwater ecosystems in the UK

(ii) Present the interim results of current UK and EU-funded research on climate change, especially from the EU-Euro-limpacs, PRINCE,  and EU-CLIME projects