Connectivity and stress in freshwater habitats - NERC funding success for ECRC

Professor Neil Rose, Dr Viv Jones, Dr Helen Bennion and Dr Carl Sayer have been successful with a NERC Highlight Topic proposal, as part of a consortium led by Dr Nigel Willby at the University of Stirling, also involving the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology and the Nat

ECRC on Facebook

You can find and follow the ECRC on Facebook.

Launch of the first online Global Freshwater Biodiversity Atlas

A new online Atlas of freshwater biodiversity presenting spatial information and species distribution patterns has been launched. It provides policy-makers, water managers and scientists with an online, open-access and interactive gateway to key geographical information and spatial data on freshwater biodiversity across different scales. The Atlas is a resource for better, evidenced-based decision making in the area of water policy, science and management.

Resurrection from the deep

Chara rudis found in Wales. 

EU Refresh Meeting at UCL: Freshwater Management in a Changing World.

All presentations from the November 2013 meeting are available from the REFRESH web site.

The 2nd Rick Battarbee Lecture - 30th May 2013 at UCL

The 2nd Rick Battarbee Lecture will be given by Prof Erik Jeppesen on 30-May-2013 at UCL.

Trophic dynamics and biodiversity in freshwaters: a climate change perspective.

Rick Battarbee Special Issue now available.

Our Special Issue "A celebration of Prof Rick Battarbee’s contributions to paleolimnology" is now out @RickBattarbee

RAPID Special issue of Global & Planetary Change edited by Jonathan Holmes, John Lowe and Eric Wolff

A special issue of the journal Global and Planetary Change, dedicated to the palaeoclimatic results of the NERC RAPID Climate Change Programme, has been published.

Journal of Paleolimnology special issue on Reference states and lake restoration

A special issue of Journal of Paleolimnology on "Reference states and lake restoration: the role of palaeolimnology" has been published in volume 45 (No 4) - April 2011, guest edited by Helen Bennion and Rick Battarbee of the ECRC.

Climate Change Impacts on Freshwater Ecosystems

Martin Kernan, Rick Battarbee (ECRC) and Brian Moss (University of Liverpool) are co-editors of the book 'Climate Change Impacts on Freshwater Ecosystems' based on work undertaken in the EU FP6 project Euro-limpacs.

UK upland waters recovering from acid rain

Upland waters damaged by acid rain are beginning to recover according to ECRC-led research.

Academics from the UCL Environmental Change Research Centre (ECRC) and its partners undertook the study for the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra).

RGS Victoria Medal awarded to Professor Rick Battarbee

The Royal Geographical Society has awarded Rick Battarbee with the Victoria Medal for 'research in environmental change'.

Presentation of the Royal Medals and other Awards of the Society took place during the Society's AGM on 7 June 2010, at the Society in central London. They are presented annually in recognition of those who have made outstanding achievements.

The address made by the President of the IBG-RGS (Michael Palin CBE) and acceptance speech by Prof Rick Battarbee and other award winners can be found in:

Shallow Lake Ecosystem Change Special Issue

Freshwater Biology publishes a series of papers by Dr Carl Sayer, Dr Tom Davidson, members of the ECRC and colleagues from other institutions on understanding shallow lake ecosystems through contemporary ecology and palaeolimnology.

Nitrogen deposition and biodiversity

Gavin Simpson and Chris Curtis were invited to participate in a workshop on nitrogen (N) deposition in Edinburgh (16th-18th November 2009). The workshop was organised by the International Nitrogen Initiative to inform the UN Conventions on Long-range Transboundary Air Pollution and Biological Diversity.

Darwin project quantifies the impact of hydroperiod on aquatic biodiversity in the Okavango Delta

Anson Mackay, Tom Davidson and Richard Mazebedi presented results from their Darwin-funded project on the Okavango Delta at a final project meeting on Wednesday 15th April, in Maun, Botswana.

Ruth Patrick Award to Professor Rick Battarbee

The American Society of Limnology and Oceanography has presented Rick Battarbee with the Ruth Patrick Award for outstanding research into the application of aquatic science to environmental problems.

Loch Leven

Helen, Carl and Jorge will be attending a one day meeting at Kinross on 11th December to celebrate "Loch Leven: 40 years of scientific research" organised by Centre for Ecology & Hydrology (CEH). 

Associate Editors of Journal of Paleolimnology

Jonathan Holmes and Neil Rose have been appointed associate editors of Journal of Paleolimnology, Jonathan with immediate effect, Neil from February 2009.